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Mykola Syadristy, who was born in Kiev/Ukraine in 1937; graduated from Kharkiv Art College and also from Kharkiv V. Dokuchayev Institute of Agriculture.

Syadristy, who worked as an agronomist in Zakarpattya from 1960 to 1967; worked as an Engineer in Ukraine Sciences Academy Institute from 1967 to 1974. Syadristy, who had several areas of interest, also became professionally interested in sports and put his signature under many successes in the old Soviet Union in the field of sports. He became a national champion of Ukraine especially in water sports and diving.

The artist has 14 works in the Amsterdam Microart Exhibition. Among those works; especially the Rembrandt Relief special to the 350th year of his death and the smallest windmill of the world come into prominence.

Hasan Kale (1959), one of the known microart craftsmen of the world, was born in İnegöl-Bursa/Turkey.

Kale, who has been performing painting works since he was 5 years old, did not receive painting training; he has chosen the greatest muralists and miniature artists as the guide, whose names were recorded by the history. Kale has learned the features of Sultan portraits from Muralist Osman; colour and harmony from miniaturist Levni and briskness of the brush from Muhammet the Black Pencil.

The artist, who is also known with the name "Microangelo"; salutes the Netherlands with the self portrait of Van Gogh, Girl With a Pearl Earring of Vermeer and Ottoman tulip, and the work of Rembrandt named "Night Patrol" in the 350th year of his death.


01.07.2019 - 05.05.2020


Opening hours: daily from

10:30 - 18:00

Mondays closed.

Damrak 243


Micro Art Amsterdam is an activity
of AKM Media BV, kvk 65886984.

Due to the coronavirus we are closed.


The exhibition is accessible to visitors who use a wheelchair, a walker, or a mobility scooter. There is, of course, a wheelchair toilet available.

The exhibition Micro Art Amsterdam is situated in the basement. You will easily get there by taking the elevator. Please keep in mind that the works by artist Mykola Syadristy can only be seen through a microscope. Therefore, these can unfortunately not be seen by wheelchair users.